Supporting our missionary children has many facets.


The Facet of Prayer

   Obviously and most importantly, supporting our children in prayer is our most helpful and greatest responsibility. (Actually, that goes for any parent. No matter what our children are doing) Our children can assist us in this venture by sharing their prayer requests. And, depending upon their security level, we can share these prayer requests with our friends and other family members. (But remember there are tips we need to learn in sharing these prayer requests safely when their security level requires us to do so.)

   But whether we have specific prayer requests or not, we need to be faithful in covering them in prayer. Personally, I have found that praying bible verses that apply to their particular situations is most helpful. Following are a few suggestions:

Prayers for peace – Philippines 4:6-7

Prayers for protection – Isaiah 54:17

Prayers for deliverance from fear – 2 Timothy 1:7

Prayers for cooperation with God’s plans – Philippines 2:13

Prayers for waging spiritual warfare – Ephesians 6:16

Prayers for strength – Psalm 105:4


The Facet of Financial/Legal Support

   While we might be limited in what we can give, remember God isn’t. Remember, a little here and a little there goes a long way. Supporting their particular mission organization’s fund raising efforts and encouraging others to do the same is also a significant way to help.

   If your child keeps a bank account in the States, then helping them manage that account can prove invaluable to them. In our case, we have certainly found this to be true on many occasions!

   How about having power of attorney? For example, we have found that when our son needed transcripts sent out, having power of attorney permitted us to sign for the transcripts. There are various reasons why having power of attorney would be a vital help to our missionary children.

   As the above signs implies, support is not limited to monetary gifts. Knowing we are available in giving  assistance and guidance in financial/legal matters lessens  the load they must carry.


The Facet of Emotional Support

   I will never forget my daughter in law’s words to us as they left for the mission field for the very first time as she hugged me goodbye, “Knowing you support us like you do, makes this so much easier!”

   I can’t imagine the struggles and the burdens that making a new life in an unfamiliar culture and often unforgiving environment must have on my children. Their load is heavy already. By withholding our emotional support, or sinking into despair because we feel they are abandoning us, we only add to their burdens.

   If as a parent, you are struggling emotionally because your children and grandchildren are separated from you, try looking at it from their perspective. If the situations were reversed, what would your children need to do to make it easier on you to follow God’s call? Sending them off with our full support (no matter how difficult it may be on us) gives them the lift they need to fly successfully.