March 17, 2013

   Sitting at Gate B5 waiting on my plan to Newark. The path here led me to go through security. Wasn’t quite sure about that but when I finally got to GB5 they said I was at the right place. Got my Brussel boarding passes to United.

Our last selfie (for awhile)!

Our last selfie (for awhile)!

   In Newark I will have to get my bags and check in at customs. I will have about 4 hours, so that should be enough time. I ask more questions now but still a bit hesitant. But I’m following a friend’s advice and trying to look as if I’m relaxed and confident. I’m not afraid as long as no crises come up. I am trusting God to guide my steps, however!

   Went to a vending machine and though I didn’t have proper coins to get a Belgium waffle, I at least saw them this time? Saw a coffee place, but I’m waiting to get to the U.S. for my coffee. Want to wait until I am in familiar territory and can use my card or U.S. money.  

   Also tried to get on wifi here but no go. When I’m in Newark I’ll get online there and use my phone to message everyone. I know that some of my grans will not be there to meet me and that is disappointing. But excited to see the ones that will be there. My husband, my mom, my daughter, and two granddaughters were standing there waiting to greet me. I could hardly contain myself when I laid my eyes upon them.

Back on good ole American soil.

Back on good ole American soil.

One of the first things I wanted to do was to go to Cracker Barrel and sit by the fireplace while enjoying some good ole American food. My husband and I went the next day. A crackling fire in the fireplace, sitting where I could feel the coziness of it as I feasted on turkey and dressing, sweet potato casserole, green beans, biscuits and cornbread, and oh yeah, a traditional Southern favorite, sweet iced tea–yep, I was home! Traveling alone was not scary but it was boring. God hovered over me every step of the way. 

Summing it all up!

   Going to Africa was one of the most challenging experiences of my life. I disappointed myself quite often, especially when I got sick while living in the bush. Those were unpleasant and difficult memories but as God is always faithful to prove the truth of His word, it all worked together for my good. I grew so much spiritually but again it came from enduring the difficulties. I was inspired again and again by the commitment of my son and daughter in law to making Christ known to these new people God had led them to. 
   Would I go back? In a heart beat! For now I’ve a better idea of what to expect and that is huge in my book in handling those rough spots and uncertainties. My heart’s desire is to go to the home where my son and his family now live. I want to walk around the place they live,  see where my grandsons play, meet their adopted family, and experience the work they are doing for our LORD.

   Will just have to wait on the LORD for that and trust Him to do whatever He desires to do! I am willing, if He presents the opportunity!