Here he is!

Our 9th grandchild; our 3rd grandson!

The long awaited moment has finally arrived and not without a few surprises.  I suppose the most dramatic one is that due to my son’s attendance at a language coach training 13 hours from his wife and baby, he sadly missed my grandson’s grand entrance by 2 hours.  THIS WAS NOT THE PLAN!  For he was a first baby for my daughter-in-law and everybody knows they are always late (at least most of them are) but someone forgot to tell my grandson!  For as my son set out for home, his son decided he couldn’t wait and labor began in earnest for my daughter-in-law!  She sent out an urgent prayer request and thousands of people were praying, “God please slow this birth down so his daddy can get there in time!”  But alas, as we all know, God works according to His timetable and my grandson would not be slowed down.  Two hours after he was born, my son rushed into the hospital where his wife and newborn son awaited him!

Sometimes God does things that I’m sure if we could see the bigger picture we would understand but with our limited viewpoint on such things, it was quite disappointing when the news trickled in that my son was shy 2 hours in arriving at the hospital. There was nothing to do but accept the situation–after all, it is what it is! And move on!

In his daddy’s arms!

Today was Thanksgiving and our 3 daughters (one came from 15 hours away) were here to celebrate it with us (my cup runneth over) and thanks to technology, our son joined us.  At one time, my husband held the computer and walked all through the house showing our son how things looked and then proceeded to the front porch and back deck to show him how the farm looked.  Kinda silly, I know, but for us it was a magical moment–sharing home with each other.  I missed it when our son showed his dad ,his place, but that’s okay.  I had seen my son holding our brand spanking new grandson, and I was pleased with that.  You gotta realize that baby was an ocean away and were it not for this technology I would not have been able to imagine (no matter how hard I tried) what he sounded like!  Oh yeah, I heard him crying and for this grandma that was music to my ears.

When my son moves his little family back to their home in the village where they live, then video chats will be sparse for they don’t have good internet access there.  That’s going to be hard but depending on God to help us with that.  (Praying God will see fit to provide high speed internet somehow and someway so I can watch my little one as he grows!)

I told someone a few days ago, that when God calls you to do hard things then He builds in special comforts of blessing for you.  Ours today was video chatting with our son and daughter-in-law and sharing this Thanksgiving Day with our 3 daughters and their families.  We were all together and even if we weren’t all together under the same roof, we made some sweet memories nevertheless.