God is Sovereign and in control-even in the unexpected!

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     Never would I have expected what has transpired in my family’s life recently. All brought on as the world stage was rearranged to set up for the coronavirus. Usually, events in my son and his family’s life are unique to where ever they are located, as are ours. But this global pandemic created scenes where location became irrelevant.

     This is how it played out. My son and 2 grandsons were in one coutry and my daughter in law was finishing up dental appointments in another country. Can you imagine the dilemma of my son and my grandsons and my daughter in law when both countries closed their borders?! The only way they could be reunited was to return to the States. But that proved to be a bit complicated.

     My son and 2 grandsons had to catch an expatriate flight out of the country where they lived. My daughter in law had to do the same in the country where she was. These flights were sporadic and they had to jump through a bunch of hoops to even get on one. Eventually, they both caught a flight but at different times. 

     My son was the first to arrive in the States but the coronavirus demanded he and my young grandsons quarantine for 2 weeks. Boy, did those two weeks drag out! Then a few days later my daughter in law reached home shores, and she began her 2 week quarantine. Each in different states by the way. Then 9 weeks from their initial separation the blessed reunion became a reality. 

So what now? 

     The country where they were serving is still shut down. No idea really, when it will open up again. A few options are being considered but no definite decision has been made. They need your prayers as they wait for guidance.

     The country where they are serving is seeing a marvelous increase in people coming to know Christ. So I know their prayer concern for that country is that the growth and spread of the Gospel will continue. 

     No one could have imagined how our lives could be so upended. Yet even though we weren’t expecting this, our security is in the fact that God is Sovereign and He is in control.

THIS IS THE YEAR-Welcome Home!

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   Yep, we are ecstatic, our son is coming home after a 4 year term of service. They will be in the States for about 5 months and for the rest of their furlough time they will be in Scotland where my son will be studying for his Master’s Degree.Then after that, back to their field of service. 

   There will be lots of planning to do and preparations to make. When my son and daughter in law left for their first term, 4 years ago, it was just the two of them. As they were about to leave,I recall my son making this statement, “Hey, Momma when we come back we may have a couple of kids!”  Well, he was right, for when we welcome them home they will be accompanied by my 3 year old and 1 year old grandsons. 

   I wonder what it will be like for them. For my son and daughter in law will be returning to the land of their birth, where their families live, where they grew up and to the setting of most of their memories. But not so for my grandsons!

   My grandsons will be meeting all of their American family (except for grandparents) for the very first time. A hoard of cousins, aunts, and uncles, who have faithfully prayed for them, anxious to see them in person, have only seen them via a computer screen. They are bonded because of those prayers and because they are family; they have the similar blood running through their veins, but no memories to recall of playing together at family meetings and celebrations. 

   They have not stood in the huddle (with arms entwined yelling out hug-a, hug-a, hug-a) performing the family hug; one with just the cousins, then another with the whole clan! They have not known the family tradition of waving goodbye from my front porch lingering until the departing vehicle was out of sight (unless of course it was winter). 

   They know little of the four seasons, for where they were born and spent their short growing up time, it is warm (well, hot) year round. Although, they have experienced cooler climates during short visits to places where they had to wear coats and hats. They will arrive here in the spring and be in the States throughout the summer, while autumn and winter will be spent in Scotland, where they will get a good dose of the beauty of autumn and the coldness of winter.

   I know it won’t be easy for them and I’m wondering if at times they won’t be a bit overwhelmed by it all. Praying for wisdom and sensitivity on the part of all of us to help make their transition into their American family’s culture a successful one. 

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