Come Thanksgiving, I’m becoming a grandmother for the 9th time and with his birth that will make

3 grandsons and 6 granddaughters for the Lane clan!

Carrying on the family name is a big deal here in America and with the birth of Bobby & Maridith’s baby boy the Lane name will be carried into the next generation!  But KNOW that if they had of been having a little girl, the joy would have been just as intent!

Sometimes, things happen in such a way that you kind of have an idea of what’s coming!

Such was the case (for me, anyway) when it was announced that we were going to be grandparents again.  You see, Maridith’s grandfather passed away a few weeks after she and Bobby left for Africa.  Maridith and her grandfather were very close.  In the last few weeks of his life he had a dream.  In that dream he saw Maridith’s first child:

a boy with a head full of black hair and with blue eyes. 

Now remember, Maridith at the time of her dear grandfather’s dream had not even conceived a child.  But I firmly believe that considering how close those two were God desired to give Pop Pop a blessing and allowed him to see his great grandchild while he was still on this earth.  That’s why I felt all along Maridith was going to have a baby boy!

Special Delivery!

Having a grand baby born so very far away from you tends to dampen the thrill and excitement of such a wonderful event.  In the following blogs, I share some of my struggles concerning this. But as difficult as it was then, I share this blog to encourage your hearts to know that there is much to enjoy and have fun with as we await the birth of our grandson.

4/8/12 – Focusing on the joy to come

4/18 – Abundant Life Indeed – Even though miles apart

I knew my son was going to call me when they found out their baby’s gender.  Therefore, this was an eagerly anticipated call.  On the day he was to call, I was in my truck and excitedly pulled over when I heard his ring tone.  But you know what?  He didn’t tell me.  Though he did know!  All he said was, “When are you going to be home?”  I had a couple of errands to finish so I told him in about 2 hours.  He said to call him when I got home.  SO, I finished that errand asap and headed for home.

When I got home, I called him and he asked if there was anything there waiting for me, like a package or something.  I looked on the front porch–no item!  I looked on the deck–no item!  After my unprofitable search, he said that maybe it wouldn’t be there till after 3:00 pm, so I should call him back after that time.

Well 3:00 came and went and nothing had happened.

Around 3:55 I finally had to leave to work in VBS at my church.  I was already late b/c it takes at least 10 minutes to get there and I had to be there by 4:00 pm.  As I was traveling down my driveway, I was met by a man in a van.  He seemed a bit frustrated for he wasn’t sure where he was.  I assured him that he had the right place and the right person.  With that he said, “Then I have something for you.”

He got out of his van, went to the back seat and pulled out a vase of flowers. (See below)

What a sweet way to find out, “It’s a Boy!”

As soon as I could see what this kind gentleman had in his hands, I buried my head in my hands and started crying.  The poor gentleman didn’t know what to think and very tenderly laid his hand on my shoulder and said, “Are you all right mam?”  I assured him that my tears were tears of joy and that my son and daughter-in-law were missionaries in Africa and were expecting their first child–this was their way of telling me they were having a boy!

As soon as I could, I called Bobby (it was around midnight there) to tell him I had received the flowers/announcement.  I thanked him for making this moment so special for me.  He told me it had been Maridith’s idea which is so characteristic of her sensitivity.


The next day while I was outside, I noticed a white van making its way down my driveway.  The driver sat in the van a few minutes and my curiosity was beginning to get the best of me.  When he got out of his van, I could see that he was carrying a vase of flowers.  They were mostly blue flowers!  He asked me if I was Mrs. Lane to which I responded in the affirmative.  Then he handed me the vase.  You can see it below:

Two vases? Is it twins? 

I’m still not sure what the mix up was, but I do know Maridith is only having one boy.  I was a little more in control when I received the 2nd vase of flowers for I had spent my joyful tears the day before. But receiving two vases only increased the joy and the memories.

* * * *

I share this to encourage those of you who may have such an event to announce to family back home-especially to the grandparents.  Even though you may be miles apart, and even though the grandparents may be expecting to hear such news, go the extra mile like my daughter-in-law did to make that moment special for them.  Sure I would have been overjoyed to have had Bobby tell me the news over the phone, but having those flowers delivered made it special beyond words for me.