Our missionary children love getting packages in the mail, so take advantage of that.  But depending upon the mail system of the country where they serve there may be some limitations and/or restrictions. Therefore when we desire to send them things they want or need, there is way that works even better than sending packages through the mail.  My son and his wife had been on the field a little less than a month, when God presented us with such an opportunity.  A dear friend of ours was making a trip on behalf of his church to the very place where my son and daughter-in-law were located!  When I found out where our friend was going, contact was made with my son, informing him as to when and where our friend would be arriving.  After a few emails and phone calls, it was determined what our friend would be taking.  It just so happened our daughter-in-law’s birthday was coming up so items that would enhance their celebration were eagerly packed.  As far as my son was concerned, there was a particular power adapter he needed, and some of his tools he had had to leave behind were requested.  We were thrilled to be able to send these items to our missionary kids.  Though I didn’t see their expressions, I’m pretty sure they were just as thrilled to receive them.

Typically, you as parents will be informed by your missionary children as to who the mission teams are and when these teams are expected.  You will be sent a list via email, phone, etc. as to what they would like brought to them.  At that point, you will be given information as to how to contact the mission team and give them the packages you want them to take. As in our recent experience, I made a 45 min. drive to deliver the suitcase to our friend.  But, if necessary, you will be given an address so that you can mail the packages to the team.  (After communicating with them as to how much room they have, of course.)

When my son was in South America, I was able to send bags the women of my church had made for the villagers where my son was serving.  My son had me contact the mission team and we made arrangements to send the bags to them, and they delivered them to the Baptist Mission in Lima.  My son picked them up when he came into town and took the bags with him when he returned to the jungle.

I already know that a mission team is traveling to where my son and daughter-in-law will be located in July.  Unless, there is a mission team traveling a bit later, we will be sending their Christmas presents by that team.  Yes, a bit early but it’s not likely it will be feasible to mail Christmas packages.  For instance, some of the restrictions are that the value of the items mailed must be under $50.  Otherwise, my son and daughter-in-law will have to pay taxes on those packages.

Okay, that’s a practical bit of information that you as a missionary parent could benefit from knowing.  Remember, you have to be deliberate about staying in contact with your children.  Sending packages via mission teams is a great way to maintain that contact!