Peace in the Storms; Courage in Crises

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Having to love and support family from afar is never so difficult as when our loved ones are caught up in a time of crises. It is the intensity of such times that they and their families back home are all called upon to perform acts of courage they really did not think they were capable of.

For how does one sort through the myriad of decisions that requires a sound mind to guide one’s family safely through risky and at times even dangerous situations? And for those back home holding their breath as they wait for assurances their loved ones are safe? How do they keep from worrying themselves sick?

I mentioned previously that situations like these bring forth courage. But how does one put aside the fear, worry, and stress long enough to take on courageous? The reality is that in the face of such challenges the temptation to give into the fear, etc. is stronger than we realize.

Personally, I discovered the only way I could reject fear and worry was to tune my hearing to only one voice. When I did the peace that passes all understanding calmed my heart and ruled over my fear. That kind of peace is only accessible from God.

How, can one avoid being overcome with fear and worry during such turmoil? But if I have discovered anything in sending my children off to answer God’s call upon their lives is this. “When we answer God’s bidding to follow Him, He equips us to carry out His plan. And as God called them to go, He just as surely called me to let them go.” And though it is hard, it is doable!

So when His calling places us in difficult and even dangerous situations we have the confidence that He is in control. That He will never leave us or forsake us. That we can have peace in the midst of the storm. And for me, that the safest place on earth for my children is in the center of His will.

But this assurance isn’t just for those who are in full time service to God. It’s for any of us who have Christ as our Savior. It’s not an easy life we should pray for. We should pray for a life that knows how to turn to God and seek His purpose for the crises we find ourselves in. That is true for any Christian; not just those on the foreign field.

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In Times of Crises

A word of encouragement to all who have to love and support from afar!

Being distanced from our loved ones is always difficult but never more so in times of crises.

Recently my family got to experience first hand the power of God to deliver!

The power of God to replace fear with faith!

The power of God to take a bad situation and bring good out of it!

The power of God to teach us how to hear His voice above all the conflicting clamor!

The power of God to draw great numbers of people together in prayer to witness His faithfulness!

In times of crises when we can’t do anything for our children but pray, we have done more than enough! We must not allow the enemy to convince us otherwise. Planting ourselves firmly in God’s word will stabilize us. The weapons Satan will attack us with will fail. God will be glorified and we will be made strong. We will have something valuable to offer others during their times of crises.

We serve a mighty God!

A Great Way to Prepare for the Future; Enjoy the Present!

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Yesterday I was talking to a young mom of 4 about how my life had been impacted by my son & daughter-in-law’s (and now my pre born grandchild!) moving to a land far away to become missionaries.  This blog has recorded that journey as honestly as I could with the hope that it would offer those of you comfort who find themselves in a similar situation.  She brought up a subject during our conversation that I would like to address here.

Some of you who read my blog are young mothers yourselves and the thought that God might call those precious souls you are bound to oh so tightly, to separate themselves from you at some point in the future and go serve God far far away fills your heart with dread and fear.  It’s just more than you can bear!

And you know what, you are exactly right!  You can’t!

Right now you don’t need to be thinking of such things.  You are to make the most of each moment.  Pack as many blessed memories away as you can.  Should the day come when you have to endure such a separation, then having a store of blessed memories will sustain you.

When they are this size, Just enjoy them!

Don’t waste ANY time worrying about whether or not God is going to call your children to a land far away.  Your focus should be to enjoy those blessed treasures of your children every moment you have them.  Concentrate on raising them to desire God’s will above all else in the present and by the time the future arrives you will have prepared you and them to do whatever God calls them to.

(b/c remember the safest place on earth is in the center of God’s will).

Pray for them to be passionate about their devotion to God and to be singleminded in their service to Him.  (And of course this is going to be much easier for them if they have your example to follow!)

Gather scriptures along the way that will guide and sustain you as you raise your precious babes.  And know that as hard as you’ll try, you are going to mess up.  But take heart, there’s a sustaining and powerful verse I’ve called upon all my parenting years:

I Peter 4:8:  Above all, maintain an intense love for each other, since love covers a multitude of sins.

You just love those sweet children as much as you can.  Always allowing it’s force to motivate you to do what’s best for your children, putting their needs above your own.  It will cover the unintentional mistakes you may make along the way.  And listen some of those mistakes may be pretty serious, but know that God’s love covers your children. God sees into your heart and His love will also rescue you.  It will all work together for your good and theirs.  You have His assurance on that. (Please note that I’m referring to unintentional mistakes here.  Those mistakes you make when you aught to know better belong in a different category, my dear parent.  Those mistakes have the potential to jeopardize your child’s future calling from God. If you are on the wrong track right now; think of your child’s future and get back where you belong!)

Psalm 39:23 A man’s steps are established by the LORD,
and He takes pleasure in his way. 24 Though he falls, he will not be overwhelmed, because the LORD holds his hand.

Romans 8:28:  And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him,

So, go enjoy your wonderful gifts from God.  Don’t entertain fearful thoughts regarding the future of your children.  Love and enjoy them every day you have them, make beautiful memories and store them away.  Enjoy the present; that’s a great way to prepare for the future!

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