Great Faith Through Sacrifice!

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   As I was reading a devotional book this morning, I was reminded that great faith doesn’t come easy. I’m sure that when you think of people you know who have great faith, missionaries come to mind rather quickly. After all, the sacrifices they make wouldn’t be possible without a great faith!

  Their willingness to make such sacrifices never fails to inspire! Yet, there is another group of people whose willingness to sacrifice for the cause of Christ also reveals a great faith albeit from a different perspective. That would be the families who had to give up their loved ones to serve God on the mission field.

   In some ways, their sacrifice might be the hardest. They are the ones left behind. Birthdays, special events, holidays all must be celebrated without their missionary family members. Births are especially hard! Not being able to be physically present to welcome that precious new life and watch him/her grow up requires strength only God can give.

   But God is always faithful and for every sacrifice there is an abundant return! Recently, I heard from a missionary’s mom whose only child was called to the foreign mission field along with her daughter in law and grandchildren.  Because of her great faith, the pain of letting go did not overwhelm her. Though without faith, it would have. She was able to move forward, and by God’s grace did much better than she thought she ever could. Hers is a great faith!

   A great faith isn’t for the casual Christian. But then neither is the extraordinary opportunities to experiences blessings beyond what anyone could imagine. Just ask any parent of a missionary! 


A Missionary’s Mom and Lottie Moon Christmas Offering!

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My Message to all of you on behalf of our missionaries and their families.

The holidays are such a blessed time of the year, esp Thanksgiving and Christmas. But know that especially around this time of the year when our families are separated by distances too great to easily overcome, your prayers are sorely needed. And from this missionary’s mom, knowing that those who pray for my beloveds are stepping up to the plate, even in these harsh economic times, and make generous contributions to the


encourages my aching heart in ways you can’t imagine. Thank you for your prayers and giving on behalf of my son and his family.

God bless all of the churches and individuals who send prayers and financial support through the Lottie Moon Christmas offering to our missionaries all across the globe.  Your loving generosity cannot be measured!

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