I have endured and I have returned.  My experiences exceeded my expectations.  While I in no way could include a full description of all that I learned and encountered (and continue to learn as I process it all) in one post, it will be my intention to share those encounters as God leads via this blog.  I will follow God’s lead and see what transpires.

The reason I came to Africa!

The reason I came to Africa!

The caption reads true!

I cannot claim to have had lofty ideas about traveling to the dark continent of Africa in order to fulfill a burning desire to bring light to a world overcome with darkness.  (If that was my motivation then I could have stayed put.  We have enough overwhelming darkness right here in America!)

Sorry to disappoint you, but I went to Africa to fulfill a burning desire to hold and spend time with my newborn 9th grandchild (1st child of my only son).  Plain and simple!

But true to His nature, God had plans for this grandmother that would go beyond what I could have ever imagined.  Plans that would set me on a new direction and add a new dimension to my service to Him.  And He would accomplish this by setting in motion 43 years earlier, His plan to call out a young lady of 21 years to completely surrender her life to Him.

My husband has faithfully served the LORD for the past 33 years as a minister of the Gospel.  And like my husband I sought God as to what His call on my life would be and all I could come up with was ‘full time Christian service’.  God wouldn’t be more specific than that and I confess that was a bit frustrating.  For I wanted to know specifics!

But as the years passed and God began unfolding His plan, I discovered that I was to walk as I was given light.  When I gave birth to our first child I was overwhelmed by the full force of the love God had planted in my heart for her.  Then 3 children (2 more daughters and a son) later I found myself happily and totally devoted to the call of motherhood.  I found God leading me to do a variety of things which had at their source the singular call to motherhood.

Yes, I taught school for 15 years, but I went into teaching because it would allow me to be in the same school where my children were already attending.  It would afford me more opportunities to minister to my own children.

As you can see the calling of God on my life is navigated in large part according to the direction God is leading my children.  Therefore, when my 9th grandchild entered this world in the far off land of Africa, would there be any question as to whether or not Nammy would be preparing her traveling bags?  I don’t think so!  Actually, there was this question–When and for how long would I stay?

It has been my experience with God that He has a definite sense of humor.  I obtained an airline ticket last August to spend 2 1/2 months with my son and his family, in particular to spend time and make memories with my brand-new grandson.  When I got to Africa in December, I discovered that I would be teaching the children of a group of missionaries who would be in training out at a location in the bush.  My son, daughter-in-law, and grandson would also be living at the bush camp, so while I would be near them, I would not be exclusively with them.  This came as a shock to me.  (Notice I wrote shock and not surprise. I was in shock folks that’s a lot more intense than being surprised)!  I was not a happy camper.  The following days were intense and I will attempt to begin sharing the details with you in my next post.

So, let me pause here and bring this post to a stopping place.  I will pick up next time with what transpired thereafter.  (It ain’t pretty!)

See ya soon,

Snake in the Schoolhouse!

Snake in the Schoolhouse!