It was good to get a FaceTime message this afternoon from my son, daughter in law, and their boys saying, “Happy New Year.” Those of you in my situation know the depth of gratitude we have for the media technology that keeps us connected to our families  even though we are far apart from each other!

   While, missing them is a constant, I know the peace that Philippines 4:6-7  speaks of that surpasses every thought. For if it weren’t for God’s grace and mercy enabling me to live life separated from them, I would not be able to grasp such peace. And the knowledge that my son and his family are happy in this stage of their service to God, goes a long way in fostering such peace!

  While it is never easy to live life separated as we are especially during the holiday season we find that it’s doable.  Focusing on what we have been given is a large part of what makes it doable. 


   We anticipate a couple of more visits before my son and his family return to their field of service later on in the year. Until then we will make the most of every moment given to us and thank God that even though we are separated by great distances, we can count on Him to keep us connected!