Everyone, and I mean everyone, has a phenomenal tale to tell in describing the invasion of COVID 2020. In my previous post I described our family’s story. Therefore, I would like to bring you up to date on the end results of our crazy journey.

     My son, daughter in law, and two grandsons, after some necessary quarantining, moved into our upstairs for the unknown duration of their stay. It was like living in limbo! Exit times came and went. Uncertainty clouded their days. 

     During their stay, it was like an emotional roller coaster ride. My daughter in law’s father came down with covid! But after several tense days, he began to recover. 

     During their stay, my son kept a busy schedule traveling to area churches sharing about life in the city where they lived. Hearts were stirred and encouraged as my son narrated the miraculous testimony of a fellow believer there.  His suffering for Christ continues to inspire and increase the church.

     As frustrating as it was to deal with uncertainty on a daily basis, the faith that God always brings good things out of bad situations was sustaining for all. For while speaking at a nearby university our son was offered a Missionary in Residence opportunity when they arrive next August on their stateside assignment. An opportunity that would not have been realized but for the unexpected turn of events due to covid.

     While the pandemic continues to rage, hope also continues to sustain. There’s a profoundly hopeful verse that has carried my family through these trying days.