The clock is ticking and the days are passing. In just a few short days, 15 in fact, I will, along with my 2nd born daughter (with her family, hopefully), caravan across our state to join up with her brother. It’s been 4 years since they last were together and while the total driving time for me will be 8 hours (4 1/2 hours for her), I predict it will seem much shorter as our anticipation for this reunion kicks in!

   At the outset,my son and his team’s travel plans have become complicated. But thanks to the ingenuity of those who have been there and done that and with a willingness to endure long bus drives after persistent searching and waiting for plane tickets, they have finally arrived in the city near the airport where they will fly out of to begin their re-entry journey to the States. This makes me tired just writing about it. 

   They are in meetings now and I pray all goes well as they prepare to tie up loose ends and finalize their plans to return to the States. Because their vocation requires quite a bit of traveling, they have become conditioned to the demands this way of life has made on them. So they hop from dirt landing strips to modern day airports, endure an 8 hour bus ride, and travel back in time (they are 8 hours+ ahead of us) across continents once they get on their final flight home, and all is taken in stride. You see why we need to cover them in prayer!

   My son’s team lives in an area that is characteristically HOT. Would you care to take a shower in your pj’s and go to bed wet just to keep somewhat cool as you slept?  No, I didn’t think so! I wonder how long it will take them to adjust to spring coolness? Bet we will have to keep those space heaters handy!

   Plans are in the making for celebrating their homecoming but we need wisdom to plan for rest and relaxation as well. That may be a bit tricky as they won’t have a lot of time in any one place!

   So, back to work in sprucing things up to make their time with us as pleasant as possible. Thanks for your prayers for them as well as for us as we plan and prepare for this not so ordinary homecoming.