Journal Date:  3-10-13

   Yesterday a young couple, friends of my son and daughter in law, arrived at base camp to spend a few days.  They would be heading out to bush camp to teach some classes on health care, language, and culture. 

   Since this would likely be the last time I would enjoy the company of these good folks, I came up with the idea of fixing a good ole American country breakfast before they and we, the bush camp staff, headed out to camp later in the day. Here’s the menu we decided upon:

Scrambled Eggs




Milk Gravy

Lots of good coffee

   Everyone, who was cooking, chose their dish to prepare. I chose to make the milk gravy that would be poured over biscuits made from scratch by another. Now, here we were, a group of Americans, mostly southern and bent toward country living and eating. We were in ‘hog’ heaven! 

   Though our environment looked nothing like the setting we associated with such a meal, the homey smell of bacon frying and homemade biscuits cooking, put us all in mind of gathering around the table in a country kitchen back home. The spice of conversation and fellowship completed the picture that Norman Rockwell would have delighted to paint. 

   It just goes to prove that no matter where you go, home is always with you, just waiting for moments like these to bring forth fragrances that will transport  you back to the place of your memories. Yet expanding those memories while blending the familiar with the unfamiliar, creating new scenes to be recalled in the future. 

   Though Africa is a long distance from my country kitchen back in the US, for a moment in time, I was in familiar surroundings. That good ole country breakfast just had that kind of an affect on me!