Just to keep you up to date on using a calling card, allow me to share with you what I’ve learned about the calling card I purchased.


First you select your country then you select which card you want to use.  At first I chose CRAZY USA, then changed to BOSS USA when I realized it would be a better deal.

(Rather absurd names for calling cards, don’t you think?!)

Through several live chats, I think I’ve finally figured out how to call my son.  So to spare  YOU all those live chats, here’s what I learned: Now remember, I’m using my cell phone.

Just so you’ll know, in one of my most recent live chats, I found out that I would not be getting an actual plastic card; even though one of the previous chatters told me I would!  Pa-leeze!, would you people get your facts straight!  I had been waiting on that silly card for 4 weeks before I found this out!  But I’ve reached the point where I’ve accepted that my mistakes are for your benefit so that softens the blow for me some!

Step #1 – dial the local access number (Union Telecard gave me this info)

Step #2 – When prompted dial the shortcut code: 1#


Union Telecard allows me to set up speed dialing and a pin less code.  In my account, I assigned the number 1 to be my son’s number.(that’s for the speed dialing)  By the way, for my son and where he is I dial a 16 digit number.  This number is made up of the 3 digit country exit code (011) then the 13 digits of my son’s number.  Therefore, when I punch in 1 & the #key, I am in effect dialing those 16 digits.  The reason I know that is because if I’ve done it right, then the operator will repeat those 16 digits.

The # key means that when I hit the pound key then my pin number is automatically entered (w/o me having to dial it).


OKAY, I’ll just wait til in the morning to try again.  It’s a good thing I’m so determined, for I would have given up by now and just been contented to let my son call me!

Ok, that about wraps it up.  So if you use another calling card other than the one I’ve listed then I’m afraid you are on your own!  Yet, I’m sure there are enough similarities among calling cards that using one pretty much helps you use another.

Vaya con dios, mi amigos.