Day 2:  The pain persists and private moments of pouring my heart out to God still occurs. Yet I’m discovering that after each surge of tearful emotions my heart calms down somewhat.  While I’m not where I desire to be, I do feel I’m growing stronger and can better manage the pain.  For anyone going through the grief of separation, I would advise you not to be afraid to cry.  Tears bring healing, and in time (and the amount of time varies with the individual) there will joy.  My time of joy has not arrived just yet, but I believe it will.  My assurance is in Psalm 30:5 “. . . in His grace there is life; weeping may be for a night, but joy comes in the morning.”

Day 3: I have received a phone call from my son and with that brief conversation, my son was drawn closer to me.  Later on as I read the tweets he had sent as he and the other team members had made their way across the ocean, he was brought closer still.  Post on Facebook and our family blog helped me to feel as if the connection that had been severed earlier when my son left home was finally being restored.  Before our communication had been restored, the thought of his being so far away had been more than I could bear.  Earlier in the day I had poured my heart out to God and confessed that very sentiment.  It’s amazing, however,  what a little communication can do to calm and bring comfort to a mother’s heart!