bobby & me

As my son prepared for the foreign mission field, he tried to find a book for me that would be a helpful resource as I prepared for my unfamiliar journey as a missionary mom.  I had been a minister’s wife for the past 34 years and my daughters were minister’s wives as well.  This path was all too familiar.  However, having a missionary in the family was a brand new experience for us.  Quite frankly, I was clueless as what would be required of me.  It would definitely be a ‘learn as you go’ experience.

I have recently created a blog to go along with my book, Fiery Darts: Satan’s Weapon of Choice, a book about negative thinking from a Christian worldview.  My son suggested I create a blog to share my experiences as I began this new journey as a missionary mom and I agreed.

Hopefully, as I share with my readers what I’m learning along the way, it will serve to assist them in the difficult bumps  they may face in their own walks with God.  For I’ve found that there are times such as releasing your child and his family to leave the land of their birth to follow God’s call, and that requires strength that comes only from God.